A Blog Dedicated to Roku Adult Channels

At last!  A blog dedicated to Roku Adult Channels.  This blog list all active Adult Roku Channels and provides updates that channels submit to the blog.  Most sites that track new Roku channels claim to list Roku Adult channels by hardly do.  Some are driven by advertising revenue and cater mostly to Public Channels.  Which is not a big deal though they they should embrace the concept of being a site or blog that list Public Channels exclusively.

At the end of the day those who are cutting the cord from their cable subscribers and commandeering a Roku Player or Roku Stick probably wish to get away from paid programming they hardly watch or that offer little substance.  Private Channels still walk away with a nice purse but they’re left on their own to reach subscribers who may prefer to watch their adult content on a 60″ HDTV as opposed to a 15″ monitor or mobile device.

Readers can follow our updates from the twitter handle @RokuAdult or query the hashtag #RokuAdult from any account discreetly.



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