How to Add Roku Private Channels to Roku Players?

This tutorial gives a detailed description on how to add private channels, public channels and beta channels to Roku players. It also serves as a guide on where to go within your Roku account to enter your access code to add a channel. Viewers will also find out how to navigate to the ‘System Update’ menu on their Roku player to manually update channels that have been added from any website or mobile device.  Also see How to Remove a Roku Channel.

For the uninitiated, the Clips On Demand TV subscription page is the first step to accessing the Roku channel and offers links to signing into your Roku account or creating a new account. It offers direct links to where a Roku Player or Roku Streaming Stick can be purchased.

The Adult Fetish content featured on Clips On Demand TV are comprised of A-List performers and studios who also have store fronts with Clips On Demand. Clips On Demand TV has cataloged and referenced popular Fetish titles that are now streamable for BDSM, FemDom, Domination, Humiliation, Kink, CBT, Ballbusting, BBW, Cuckold, Interracial and many more.


Add Clips On Demand to your Roku account?


Welcome to Clips On Demand. In this tutorial we will briefly cover how to add a Roku private channel, creating a Roku account, and a few tips on setting up your Roku player. Lets get started.

First, you’re going to open up your browser.  You are going to type in www dot Clips On Demand dot TV which will take you right to the subscription page of Clips On Demand.  If you are already a Roku account holder, you’re going to click the link that reads Click Here.  For the uninitiated or new accounts, you are going to click the second link.  But both will take you to the Roku welcome page.

To create an account you will simply click on the blue box to the right.  To access your Roku account you will enter your email address and password, then sign in.  Now since you are coming from the Clips On Demand subscription page you’re automatically prompted to add Clips On Demand to your Roku account.  To do so, you would simply click yes.


Then type in the access code for that public, private or beta channel (in this case the word CLIP ).

A more dynamic way of adding channels to your Roku player:
  • You’ll go up to my accounts
  • Scroll down to add a private channel
  • Then type in the access code for that public, private or beta channel (in this case the word CLIP ).

Back at the Clips On Demand subscription page you will use the radial buttons to select your package.  Then enter your username, password and email address associated with this account.  Then click Continue.

Upon arrival at the CCBILL checkout page you will verify your subscription then enter your payment information.  You will then receive an email from CCBILL verifying your subscription and it will contain a unique Roku code.  You will use the Roku code later on to access your media.  But first, let’s update your Roku player.

From the home screen your are going to scroll up to settings, then right, then up to ‘System Update’.  After clicking ‘System Update’ you will be prompted to ‘Check Now’, for any public, private or beta channels you’ve added.  Then click OK.

Any finally, after updating your Roku software you will enter the unique Roku code that you received via email from CCBILL in order to access your fetish media.  Then click OK.  As a reminder, new titles are added daily.  So we hope to bring your favorite producer or webmaster to a streaming audience of 60,000,000.



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