Roku has sold over 10 million of its streaming players

With over 5 billion hours streamed since its inception in 2008 Roku has sold over 10 million players.  Their stake among companies with a set-top box has pushed pass 30% of the market do to cord cutting cable TV subscribers who feel they are paying too much for programs bundle into their cable subscriptions.  Roku, having some 1,800 channel apps allows users to build their own bundles by streaming Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Pandora, and other private channels.

As sales for Roku players continue to grow and more potential customers are in search of alternative ways to get there adult media on a 60″ flat screen, as opposed to a 14″ monitor, will adult content providers look to broaden their portfolios to meet this growing audience.  CCBill a trusted payment processor for adult content continues to catalog and reference success stories of companies pressing forward to integrate Roku into their existing business system.


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