Still holding out for a Roku 4?

The best set-top box so far is Roku 3. But the Roku Stick might be the closes we will get to seeing a Roku 4 for a while now that more TVs are Roku Ready. Roku has moved to brokering more deals with television manufactures who are receptive to shipping TVs with the Roku software already installed. With over 10 million players sold they can now begin accounting for smart TVs that are Roku Ready as unit sold. If the demand for 4K TV and Ultra HD TVs increases there may be a need for a Roku 4 capable for streaming higher resolution content. Many of us never even purchased a BluRay player.

So whatever Research & Development Roku has put into 4K streaming it has to be a device capable of pushing out 1/2 TB and would be shelved if 4K does not take off. It will also require consumers to increase their broadband speeds to handle the signal in some cases. Additionally, because of the new 4K and Ultra HD TVs being made available this Holiday we are enjoying 32″ to 42″ HDTVs for a little more that $200.00.  That’s low enough to put one in every room in your house if you could convince yourself to watch that much TV for the next ten years. You would probably pay to see the next Avatar installment in 4K – but that’s about it.


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