Updating Roku Software and Basic Remote Functions

In this installment we took a moment to reference how to update your Roku Player when new software updates are available and Private or Public channels are to be added to your device.  We do this by showing on screen movement with our narrative.  We even went so far as to annotate which buttons on the Remote Control perform these actions since their should be no ambiguity when cutting the cord and empowering yourselves to select what paid programming is to be streamed into your living room.

So much for having your cable company to do this for you.  This video makes the process seamless as we cut through the fluff and get right to the basic functions of your remote so that you can begin moving and your organizing your channels the way you want them to improve your view pleasure.

For continued support on your Roku player whether it be private or public channels you can follow us on twitter @RokuAdult or here and getting links to the unique roku codes for your player.


The asterisk button, also know as the options button, allows you to view more options. And the OK button confirms all your actions.


To update Roku software to show new channels and software updates you must first scroll up to settings.  Then scroll right and up two spaces to System Update and click, Check Now.  Instead of having you sit through the channel upload we took the liberty of discussing three buttons on the remote that we that we used in for the rest of the tutorial.

The large button on your remote with the arrows allows you to move up, down, left or right, and toggle between different tiles on screen.  The asterisk button, also know as the options button, allows you to view more options.  And of course, the OK button confirms all your actions.  So up, down, left or right, the options button and OK.

Once your Roku player software is up to date you will click OK and head back to the home screen.

What I am going to do now is layout my private and public channels on opposite ends of the screen.  To do this I maneuver the arrow button to arrive at the selected channel.  Then click the options button, the one with the asterisk.  Then I’ll scroll down to move channel and click OK.

After clicking OK you will notice that the channel becomes somewhat superimposed.  And you can move it around in any direction.  You will click OK one final time to complete the action.

At this time there is not feature to hide channels from plan view once they’re uploaded to your player.  I would imagine in a future software update or their next installment we should see something like this.

That’s it!  Be sure to visit this blog or twitter for guidance on the latest channels and how to add them to your Roku player or Roku Stick.





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