How To Remove A Roku Channel

This tutorial explains How To Remove A Roku Channel in fifty-one (51) seconds.  We do not waste time beating you over the head with useless information in a five minute video when it can be accomplished in less that one.

Our team is concise and to the point when delivering information that can be helpful to the greater Roku community.  Their concentration is about delivering a thorough presentation and less concerned about becoming a the next YouTube sensation by making the video more about the person in the video than the topic to be discussed.

Anyways, Happy New Year and also check out Updating Your Roku Player for other basic tips on how to move your channels around and customizations on your channel layout.

When you remove a Roku channel from your Roku player  you will see that it is probably one of the most easiest tasks you can perform. So we’re gonna try to cover it in sixty (60) seconds or less.  Here I’m using the arrow button to highlight the channel that I wish to remove or delete. Then I’m going to click on. You are also afforded the option to rate the channel prior to removing or you could just leave it blank.  Then you will use the arrow key to highlight remove channel, where you will click, OK. Then you will be prompted to confirm your action by arrows go up once more to remove and clicking the OK button.  Be sure to check out or links below where you can download your copy of A Complete List of Adult Roku Channels.


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