Roku 4 Setup Tutorial For 4K / Ultra HD TV

In this tutorial we’re going to walk through the Roku 4 setup.  You should have already unboxed your Roku 4 and made your HDMI and power cord connections.  Then after a few moments at the home screen you’ll be asked to select the wireless router associated with your network before being prompted to enter the password for your network.

As per usual, you will use the purple arrow button on your remote to toggle up, down, left or right to enter your password and the OK button to confirm your actions during the Roku 4 setup.

After clicking OK to connect, your Roku 4 will begin connecting to your wireless network, local network and the internet.

Your device will automatically perform a software update.  Upon completion it will restart.  Next, Roku 4 will have you set your display type.  You can press OK to auto detect this.  You can also do it manually where 720p, 1080p, and 4K Ultra HD are supported.

And finally, you will prompted to activate your Roku by going to where you will enter the code that appears on screen.  And once the coded is entered, click the submit button.

You will notice your TV and Roku 4 quickly responds after submitting the code.  This means your Roku 4 has been activated and is now updating existing channels and importing any new channels you may have added.

All Done!  Your Roku 4 Setup is complete.  Stay tuned for more tips and guides for Roku 4 and 4K Ultra HD TV.



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