5 Coolest Roku Features All Cordcutters Enjoy Everyday

1. Roku Voice Search is among the coolest Roku features

Roku’s last two installments, the Roku 3 and Roku 4, packed a powerful punch by allowing users to search titles and content by voice search.  Nearly all onscreen typing can be a tedious task when searching titles.  Roku Voice Search proves to be one of the coolest Roku features thus far.  It allows you to instantly find a movie or show by name or actor which minimizes the time of searching for something to watch.  Leaving you more time to enjoy your media and less time typing in titles and keywords to get what you want.

5 Coolest Roku Features All Cordcutters Enjoy Everyday

Roku Voice Search


2. Roku Hotel and Dorm Connect

With hotel and dorm connect, Roku enabled cordcutters with Roku players or Roku Streaming Sticks to stream and access their media from hotels or college dormitories. Hotel and dorms often have unique identifiers such as room number and last names when accessing paid services’.  Once a WiFi network is established, Roku brilliantly assigns a unique router name and password for your device.  For step-by-step directions on how this works see our previous post on hotel and dorm connect for Roku explained.  Work arounds for Roku features existed before hotel and dorm connect but now connectivity is as easy as pie.

5 Coolest Roku Features All Cordcutters Enjoy Everyday

Hotel and Dorm Connect


3. Roku Media Player

That hard drive you have with a zillion movies and TV shows on it stays relevant because of features like the Roku Media Player.  Roku Media Player allows you to play various movies, photos and music files via USB connection right through your Roku player.  Family vacations, CDs from your personal collection, and old movies not available on Netflix or Amazon Video can be played directly through your HDTV by connecting your external hard drive to the USB port of your Roku Player.  The Roku Media Player App probably gets the least amount of hype of all Roku features but ships preinstalled on all devices for ease of use.

5 Coolest Roku Features All Cordcutters Enjoy Everyday

Roku Media Player


4. Roku Recommends

Since 2014 Roku Recommends has highlighted many newly released channels available in their channel store.  Most add great content value for a variety of ‘Life Hacks’ from recipes to shopping, fitness and travel.  The Roku Recommends App is great for those new to the Roku community who do not know which channels to add.  Albeit, channels or apps can be added to your device at no cost but may require an in-app purchase to access the content within.  The channels you will likely find on Roku Recommends, often are hand picked and free.  Whats more, it offers a boat load of information and entertainment the whole family can enjoy.  Add Roku Recommends to track whats trending on the best streaming player.

5 Coolest Roku Features All Cordcutters Enjoy Everyday

Roku Recommends



5. Breaking News Highlights

In a twenty-four news cycle across various networks sometimes its great to access whats happening now.  Since many major news networks in the United States and Europe have a parallel Roku channel, offering breaking news highlights, it allows us to stay in touch with whats going on.  Cordcutters make out in this case since all news networks with a Roku channel provide updated content without a paid subscription.  Networks typically upload several one to five minute news segments to their channel everyday.  They often highlight the crux of the stories without the commercials and paid advertising.  This usually comes at no additional cost to cordcutters who stream their content via the internet and are able to get updates on whats going on in the world between programs of their choosing.

5 Coolest Roku Features All Cordcutters Enjoy Everyday

Breaking News Highlights






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