Roku Mobile Streaming App Could Be A Hit

Could Roku Mobile Streaming be the next major play for Roku?  Well if you haven’t heard, this week AT&T and Time Warner announced their plans to merge which was not well received.  Pretty much everyone who might have a say inside the beltway think it’s a bad idea.  And listening to the CEOs of AT&T and Timer Warner on CNN trying to sell it to the American public made the idea even worst.  Whatever happens, this announcement forced many of us to think about something even more asinine.  A possible merger of Verizon and Comcast.


Could A Roku Mobile Streaming App be the next play for Roku?

Could A Roku Mobile Streaming App be the next play for Roku?


For cordcutters having a love affair with streaming all their media on Roku and Apple TV, the mobile app arena still has some territory that remains uncharted.  Roku is still beating the pants off Apple TV as the most dominant set top box while grinding Google Chromecast and Boxee into the asphalt with its heel.  So if, or perhaps when, the big ISP providers do merge Roku could further leverage itself my introducing Roku Mobile Streaming into the mix.

Roku already has thousands of channels offering an untold amount of media across its streaming devices.  But if they began offering exceptional proprietary content on a dedicated channel that could be stream through the Roku player and Roku Stick, it will be a game changer.  For Roku will not only sell more devices in the long term.  By incorporating a Roku Mobile Streaming App that allows users to access proprietary content, public, and private channels, they will be prepared for whatever technological advances the big telecom and ISP providers might forge.

More Reasons For Roku Mobile Streaming

The Amazon Video app allows you to stream content on your mobile device while downloading others.  Netflix allows you to stream anything within your geographical region.  The Comcast Xfinity app allows you to download some content to be viewed at a later date while streaming other bodies of work on demand.  A Roku Mobile Streaming App that affords cordcutters the option of streaming or downloading would be a game changer.  Apple TV will never be able to recovery since they nickle and dimes customers for just about everything worth viewing.  A major turnoff!


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