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As the list of Roku Adult Channels continue to grow so does the quality of the content being streamed on the various Roku devices.  Just as Roku released Roku 4 / 4K there were about four television manufactures who had a 4K / Ultra HD model available for about $500 USD.  Then about two weeks ago Roku announced that their app would be shipping pre-installed in some LG models.



Life’s good!  Not just for LG and other tech companies who see the TV bubble will continue to force networks to jump into the streaming market.  Life’s also good for cordcutters who now have more option than ever on their Roku player.  About two years ago there were only twenty-eight (28) Roku Adult Channels available whenever referencing private channels.  Today, that number has grown to just about forty (40) or so, with some adult entertainment companies doubling down to add a second or third Roku Porn Channel to keep their customers happy.

The amount of porn or sex being streamed on Roku does not compare to the amount of hours cordcutters are streaming Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and other popular apps but it is affordable enough that some will give it a try on a trail bases.  And they are quickly reminded of just how damn good porn looks on a 60″ screen in high definition.

As with any community we monitor what is trending on Roku, then categorize and reference anything news worthy for adults.  And so we continue to maintain the most complete list of Roku adult channels that is updated quarterly.  Although prices may change after the list is published it is advisable to reach out to the channel owners directly for clarity.  Some channels actively forward changes and updates to our inbox and we will tweak those changes here before the next update if its something pertinent to their operation.

2016 Complete List Of Roku Adult Channels

2016 Complete List Of Roku Adult Channels


16 thoughts on “Roku Adult Channels

    1. Malik,

      We appreciate your feedback. Remember to tell your friends about all the great roku private channels as well as the public channels.

      The Roku Adult Team

  1. Your picture quality is very good. I wish that the ‘pay’ providers would realize that there are so many super-low-cost or free channels available for the adult market that, if they lowered their subscription prices, eliminated them and added advertisements, then their market share would increase substantially.

    1. Thanks John. It all depends on the producers. High definitions is becoming standard now. More producers are starting to shoot in 4K. It all looks amazing on the big screen.


  2. very nice support helping me get this set up….very patient on the phone helping me

    i got into a problem trying to get website part started first and logging in…which i could not. maybe put this part on your site.

    i have a roku 4 to set up this week also…hopefully with my knowledge now it will go smoother :)

    thanks again.

  3. Nice piece on AVN. Didn’t know there were that many Roku Adult Channels. Or that there was a database of them.

    Burbank, CA.

  4. Thanks for the tips and insight…we just recently purchased roku ..We love it! But can someone share on how to load adult content or even free would be nice…we want to try it.
    Thank You
    Buckeye Blue

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